mobile blackjack

 Play Mobile Blackjack for Fun

There are two main table games offered at the All Jackpots Mobile Casino and both of them are classics, Roulette and Blackjack. The game of Blackjack offered at the Mobile Casino is played using a single deck of 52 cards. Players who are familiar with the game of Blackjack will have no trouble sliding into a game at the Mobile Casino where all the rules are the same and the layout of the game is exactly as the main online casino. Players who are not familiar with the game can try it out for fun or practice before placing real money bets giving them a chance to work on strategies and gain experience in the game. When ready to place real money bets, the Mobile Casino offers players a choice of secure and easy to use deposit options, all of which are instant including credit and debit cards together with third party deposit options.

How to Play Mobile Blackjack

The game of Mobile Blackjack is very simple and easy to understand but it does involve some thinking on the part of the player. Initially players are dealt two cards face up and the dealer receives two cards also, but one is face up and one is face down. The aim of the game is for the player to land as close to the value of 21 as possible without going over. The Kings, Queens and Jacks all hold a value of 10 in this game and the Ace can hold a value of 1 or 11. Players who land an Ace and a card with value 10 immediately win the game, and this is called the Blackjack offering a payout of 3:2. Once the cards have been dealt the player then has to decide on his course of action if he has not immediately landed a Blackjack. The player has a number of choices that include holding i.e. not drawing any more cards, hitting, i.e. taking another card, splitting or opting for the double down option. Splitting is available when the two cards that the player holds are of the same value, the player will then be able to split his hand into two hands and this also involves an additional bet of the same value. The double down option is available when the player thinks that he can win the round with just one more card, he will draw one more card in addition to adding to the value of his current bet, the same amount again. There is also an insurance option offered in the Mobile Blackjack game when the upturned card, i.e. visible card of the dealer is an Ace. The insurance is an additional bet placed by the player that insures against the dealer landing a Blackjack and stops the player from losing his entire bet.

Tips and Strategies

At the Mobile Casino players can try out the Blackjack game for as long as they want, they are not limited in any way just as they are not limited by the coin size of the bet they want to place. When a player enjoys the game for fun for a number of rounds he will notice that the dealer always has to stand on 17 i.e. the dealer cannot draw more cards once his cards have reached the value of 17 and the dealer must always keep drawing cards until he reaches the value of 16. These are very important facts to take into account when playing Mobile Blackjack and can help the player greatly make his decisions on how to proceed in the game with the cards that he holds.

Bonuses and Services at the Mobile Casino

At the Mobile Casino new players receive a generous sign up bonus offer once they have registered at the casino, giving them free credits to use on the Blackjack game or any of the other games offered. Further to this once the player begins depositing money at the casino he receives the welcome package. The welcome package offers players up to $500 in bonus money over their first 4 deposits at the casino, the bonus credits can be seen directly in the players casino account. All of these bonus offers just add to the excellent features of the Mobile Casino that allows players to enjoy the casino games like Blackjack from anywhere, literally, as long as the right connections, 3G or WIFI are in place. There is also around the clock customer service and support together with a choice of secure and easy to use instant deposit options offered in the banking section of the casino. Playing Blackjack on a Smartphone also means that the player can really feel involved with the touch and swipe controls which are much more personal than a mouse or joystick of a laptop. And, despite the smaller screen of the Mobile Casino the graphics and colour of the Blackjack game are not reduced at all together with the sound which is as powerful as a main online casino. This together with the portability of the Mobile Casino offers players a perfect place to play Blackjack in any setting they want